Referee Development Portal

This section has been designed for SDR referee coaches and assessors to fill coaching report, submit formal assessments and provide generalised feedback on referee performance.

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Coaches Quick Links

Referee Coaching Form


Fill in this form in order to submit all coaching forms EXCEPT formal referee upgrades

Formal Assessments


Fill in this form to submit formal coaching assessments

Coaching Recourses

Please sign out of all personal email accounts and login using SDSRIcoaches Email.

Use me for course recourses. Use SDSRI Coches email login to access Drive

Process for form submission and payment

Form Submission

Using the above links, all referee coaches and assessors must submit the appropriate form within:

Informal coaching forms: 48 hours

Upgrade Assessments: 72 hours

All fields must be filled correctly and ADEQUATE feedback provided for the referee documented in each of the forms. These forms will then be submitted simultaneously to the branch coach and SDSFA office to authorise payment for within 7 working days of the TIME OF RECEIVING.

If insufficient feedback or inappropriate scoring is recorded, payment will be withheld until, in the opinion of the branch coach, the form is rectified.


Coaching and Assessment payments

Informal Coaching

The payment for internal coaching shall be the payment of an assistant on the grade of which was being assessed

Formal Assessment