Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff Procedures

Coaches who have coached over the weekend should have their coaching reports uploaded to coaching portal and sent to the branch coach by the Tuesday of the following week.

All referee and assistant referee feedback forms have been placed into the 'recourses' folder within the coaches portal. Please complete the 'referee feedback form' unless performing an official upgrade assessment.

Reports should be uploaded to the coaching portal prior to submitting a claim form for payment (link below). Your feedback form must be attached with this claim (multiple if you have coached multiple people) AS WELL AS have uploaded it into the referees personal records in the coaches portal for payment to be made.

Payments will be made into your nominated bank accounts. 

Please see all links below of any information or re-directs.


Referee Coaches Portal Access

Submitting a claim form?

Please use the below link. Please ensure that you have uploaded a copy of the referees feedback report to the appropriate folder BEFORE submitting your claim.

Claim Form